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What is Melatonin or Melatonin?

Melatonin is an endogenous hormone produced in the pineal gland is produced. The pineal gland is the endocrine system (hormonal system) just like the pituitary gland, thyroid, thymus, parathyroid, adrenal, pancreas and sex glands. These glands feed hormones into the blood cycle. Together with neuro-transmitters, acting as chemical messengers of the nerve cells are distributed, they regulate primarily the function of the cell body. It is noticeable that the pineal gland cells from anatomically similar to those of the retina of the eye. Only with the difference that they are physiological part of the endocrine system. It has a direct connection to the eye and is replaced by the light-dark cycle controlled. Light it receives, it will produce serotonin - a substance of Wachmechanismen nourishes, but also stabilizes the nervous system, so that even in the largest stress can still keep calm. People who are not aggressive or nervous loads are usually gaps in their Serotoninaus distribution. In darkness, the pineal gland begins with melatonin production. The more melatonin in the bloodstream is fed, the more tired you feel: one is to the upcoming Sleeping prepared. The result: With increasing melatonin-distribution slows down the heart rate and digestion. In addition, the body temperature and blood pressure until, ideally, total fatigue setting, on which you can then easily into the realm of dreams can come about.

Melatonin - the door-opener for healthy sleep:

Melatonin is the people not only to sleep, but is primarily responsible for ensuring that people in denregenerativen deep entschlummert. However, light on the retina, the melatonin production abruptly eingestellt.In an era in which people increasingly demanded, and are always large with all sorts of things to employ know, sleep is often an irritating necessity rather than a well - heitsreicher blessing. They are 8 hours of sleep a minimum order from the daily rigors of regenerating. Older people need even more sleep so that they are not only old, but also quality of life through health and vitality in old age retirement experience. The importance of sufficient sleep every day, is many people only know if they suffer from insomnia. Through permanent overstimulation associated with disorders of the nervous system, stress, environmental noise or organic malfunction, many of us can no longer sleep on health regeneration participate. The night is often a nightmare, and the blessed sleep of a sort of "luxury" that one can only afford, if you look at the pharmaceutical funds operated, with a significant harmful side effects to accompany the land of dreams. Melatonin, a real alternative to the pharmaceutical agents from the U.S. and has helped many people with healthy sleep ruling

Many people with sleep disorders, is usually only the handle to pharmaceutical agents. One must often live with harmful side effects. When symptomatic, medication remedy of sleep problems in the organs affected, and a itself at risk of dependency is also created. An addiction risk after 14-day dose. When overdoses occur even effects such as inner restlessness and Übernervosität the dream of sleep a fortiori to the contrary. Moreover, these preparations are very suitable for people due to illness (mainly in addiction treatment) need a means to give them the necessary regeneration of the "healing" sleep experience.

With melatonin behaves as it is totally different. Since it is the body's own hormone, it stimulates the sleep mechanisms directly. Of no less importance is the fact that when melatonin is not a foreign body substance, the only major effort of the detoxification organs, according to its job to be cleaned up, but an endogenous substance in the course of its synthesis completely absorbed by the body will. It is excluded that the risk of dependency arises. The body will also not be lazy "," is not active because the functions of the body to adopt or artificially boost. Rather, the body's own mechanisms for their nourished by Mother Nature-imposed tasks. Even with a fair dose long-term ingestion of any significant acute side effects such as dangerous, however, almost all pharmacological preparations. However, it is also relative: people aged 50 years have a significantly lower melatonin production obtained by the external source may be optimized so that you sleep in the balance remains. For younger people, however, over the full Quantum of melatonin that a regular intake can cause problems. The danger lies in the fact that the body's own melatonin production makes lazy.

Has the body the required quantum of melatonin, the pineal gland pours so no additional more from:

The work performance of the pineal gland is reduced and the same as for a muscle that is not claimed, tired of natural production mechanism. Probably noticed, it applies to long-term revenue. Without significant risks remain, however, the occasional intake

Melatonin cancer adjuvant therapy:

It appears that melatonin may also be the number of estrogen receptors on breast cancer cells. Since estrogen effectively feeds the growth of hormone-responsive breast tumors, the reduction of the receptors might slow tumor growth. Science News reported that the amount of melatonin required to inhibit breast cell proliferation does not appear to be greater than the amount often used in human blood at night (Science News 93, Moss 1995).

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) is another inhibitor of melatonin production. There is evidence that ELF (extremely low frequency) magnetic fields may be at the cellular level to improve the breast cancer cell proliferation by blocking the natural melatonin oncostatic action. The mechanism (s) of action is unknown, including the modulation of signal transduction events associated with melatonin, the regulation of cell growth (Liburdy et al. 1993)

Melatonin provides another perk cancer drugs through its antioxidant levels. Doctors, once credited with glutathione and vitamin E as antioxidants of choice now have a special honor to melatonin. The neuro-hormone appears to protect against tumors by shielding molecules (especially DNA) from oxidative stress. Melatonin exerts its antioxidant properties by detoxifying the highly reactive hydroxyl radical, and singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite anions (Kim et al. 2000).

Additional nutrients and hormones:

Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone secreted at night by the pineal gland. He participates in several processes in the body, including the regulation of sleep / wake cycle. Because many children and adults who have ADHD also have problems sleeping, melatonin can be an important part of an integrative therapy. Some estimates say up to 25 percent of children with ADHD also have sleep disorders. Unfortunately, conventional therapy, the hyperactivity of the disease, but neglected sleep disturbances (Betancourt-Fursow de Jimenez YM et al 2006). In a study of the 27 children with ADHD and insomnia, 5 milligrams (mg) melatonin, combined with sleep therapy helped reduce insomnia

Melatonin and the endocrine system-role of the pineal organ:

Fourteen years have passed since the discovery of the pineal hormone melatonin, since the interest in the physiology of the pineal steadily grown, as well as the knowledge about the contribution of the pineal to the economy of the body. Sufficient information is now available to promote acceptance of the "melatonin hypothesis of pineal function, which in 1965 by Wurtman and Exelrod. This hypothesis states that the mammalian pineal synthesizes and secretes melatonin at a rate reversed depending on environmental lighting, and receives signals with regard to the lighting environment through a complex path of the retina with the brain and the sympathetic neurons and from the superior cervical ganglia. melatonin finally enters the general circulation, either by direct secretion from pinealocytes or indirectly via the CSF . melatonin acts on the brain, and perhaps directly, press the rate of gonadal maturation, disturbing and subsequent gonadal function and cyclicity, it can also change the functions of the thyroid and adrenal cortex, sice melatonin ijnections haven proven to inhibit thyroid hormone secretion rate and the secretion of adrenal steroids. It seems likely that the pineal involved in the secretion of melatonin in the control of certain neuroendocrine and neuro-physiological rhythms, it can also convey some of the effects of light on gonadal maturation, the ovulatory cycle and the secretion of pituitary. This is a good review article with 200 references.

Melatonin marks circadian phase position:

The measurement of dim light melatonin onset (DLMO) is a useful and practical way to assess circadian phase position in humans. As a marker for the phase and time of the endogenous circadian pacemaker, the DLMO has shown that prior to exposure to bright light in the morning to delay and with exposure to bright light in the evening. This "phase-response curve (PRC) to light has been applied in the treatment of winter depression, jet lag and shift work and circadian phase sleep disorders. Exogenous melatonin has phase-shifting effects described by a PRC, is that over 12 h in phase with the PRC to light. That is, melatonin administration in the morning causes phase delays and in the afternoon causes phase advances. All of the circadian phase disorders, have been successful with appropriately timed exposure to bright light can be dealt with appropriately planned melatonin administration. Melatonin administration is more convenient and therefore may be the preferred treatment

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