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Anti Aging

Anti Aging


The term anti-aging, including age inhibition is a term for measures aimed at the biological aging of the people on purpose, the quality of life in old age as long as possible at a high level to maintain and also to prolong life as a whole. This term is used in medicine, nutrition scientists, the

Dietary supplement industry, manufacturers of cosmetics and also partly in connection with cosmetic surgery. Anti-Aging is a popular marketing term.
Anti Aging and Aging Research / Biogerontologie

If we were not so old, as we are currently doing, we would in the opinion of D. Pearson / S. Shaw averaged about 800 years to live, according to Ness RM / GC Williams about 690 years. Our life span is only by accident, suicide or foreign diseases and limited. The average life expectancy (LE), although in recent times in the first world countries increased significantly, the maximum attainable age on the other hand, seems a very long time constant at about 120 years (to 122 years), without that it can that this value in the future by anti-aging activities will be influenced, since he apparently is genetically determined.

Biogerontologie of scientists are convinced that the process of physical aging at the same time by several factors, of which only a few have limited influence. Differences are basically a)-program theory, genetic causes b)-aging due to lifestyle and environmental influences c)-Biochemical aging / wear and tear theories
d)-Hormonal Aging

Anti Aging Research

The researchers do age with current state of knowledge assumes that people in the ideal case, about 120 years old can be. We know very few actually reach that age. One objective of the research is to understand the conditions, the achievement of a very high age support. Since 1976, there will be examinations of the National Institutes of Health of the U.S. and the Japanese health ministry on the island of Okinawa, where many people live above average, at least 100 years old, around 600 with a total of 1.3 million inhabitants. Okinawa is the poorest prefecture in Japan, people live mainly from fishing.

Relatively high number of elderly living but also on Sardinia and in Nova Scotia. In Mediterranean countries, the rate of diseases of civilization are lower than in the rest of Central Europe. Until now also holds the rumor that the people of Hunza was particularly long. However, this assumption is scientifically refuted this theory, it is probably by pure estimate based on the appearance of older people in this ethnic group has come.

Anti-aging studies

The evidence of actual life extension is difficult to perform. You need to compare large groups of prospective and randomized double-blind best with different substances to be treated. After about 5-10 years, compares the mortality.

Although the market for anti-aging agents, including hormones, vitamins and trace elements, it grows, it could under these strict criteria, the efficacy is not assured. For the prevention of heart attacks, for example, the so-called antioxidants vitamin E and C in large studies such as the British Heart Protection Study ineffective. Other hand, folic acid, a vitamin B group, in several studies, a good effect against diseases such as heart attack and stroke
Anti-aging hormone melatonin

Among the anti-aging hormones is the [[melatonin]] in the [[pineal]] is produced and the human sleep-wake rhythm controls. The body

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