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L-Arginine L-Ornithine L-Lysine 60 Tablets

L-Arginine L-Ornithine L-Lysine 60 Tablets

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Health Benefits of L-Arginine L-Ornithine L-Lysine

• Necessary for lean muscle mass
• Increases muscle mass, while reducing body fat
• Supports Protein Metabolism
• Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
• Promoter of cardiovascular health
• Improves immune function
• Helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body
• Stimulates the release of growth hormone
• Helps to promote optimal healing of wounds
• Assists in the production of enzymes, hormones and antibodies
• Important component for collagen formation
• May support healthy immune function
• Important for proper calcium absorption
• Essential amino acid for growth and tissue repair

This dynamic product is made up of three of the most popular amino acids for exercise supplementation.  L-Arginine is an important building block of protein, while L-Ornithine is involved in metabolism. L-Lysine is an essential amino acid used for the production of collagen. Together, these ingredients give you an excellent amino acid foundation that's perfect for anyone seeking added nutrition.

L-Arginine is one of 20 amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Arginine supports the effect of exercise and is one of the most important amino acids involved in immune function.

L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. It is a building block of protein that performs a myriad of physiological functions. It is a known precursor of the gas nitric oxide [N02]. L-Arginine is an amino acid that the body cannot make naturally. Therefore it is important to consume foods that are rich in arginine. L-Arginine and L-Ornithine: Necessary for lean muscle mass

This dietary supplement has free-form amino acids, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine. These capsules are easier to swallow and assimilate. Well tolerated by most highly allergic individuals. Contains no tablet binders, coating or colourings.

Arginine is needed to increase protein synthesis, which can in turn increase cellular replication. Therefore, arginine may help people with inadequate numbers of certain cells. For example, some, though not all, studies have found that men with low sperm counts experienced an increase in the number of sperm when they supplemented with arginine.

Arginine is also a precursor to nitric oxide, which the body uses to keep blood vessels dilated, allowing the heart to receive adequate oxygen. Researchers have begun to use arginine in people with angina and congestive heart failure.

Ornithine is similar in structure to Arginine. Animal research has suggested that L-Ornithine, along with L- Arginine, promotes muscle-building activity in the body by increasing levels of growth-promoting hormones such as insulin and growth hormone.

L-Lysine is one of nine essential amino acids. This means that the human body cannot produce L-Lysine and this important amino acid must be obtained from dietary intake. The body needs it for proper growth and tissue repair. Because it is so important for growth, children need 3-4 times more Lysine than adults. It is a building block for proteins and is important for production of certain enzymes, hormones, antibodies and collagen. Lysine is involved in the absorption of calcium, thus, it is important to the health of bones and teeth. Lysine, along with methionine furnishes the raw materials for the synthesis of carnitine, which promotes fatty acid synthesis on a cellular level.

The amino acid, arginine, has several roles in the body, such as assisting in wound healing, helping remove excess ammonia from the body, stimulating immune function, and promoting secretion of several hormones, including glucagon, insulin, and growth hormone.

The effect of arginine on growth hormone levels has interested body builders. In a controlled trial, when arginine and ornithine (500 mg of each, twice per day, five times per week) were combined with weight training, a greater decrease in body fat was obtained after only five weeks, than when the same exercise was combined with a placebo.

Serving Size 4 Tablets
Servings Per Container 15
Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
L-Arginine Hydrochloride 1,447 mg (1.4 g)
L-Ornithine Hydrochloride 900 mg
L-Lysine Hydrochloride 1,200 mg (1.2 g)

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Hypromellose, Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

No Gluten, No Yeast, No Wheat, No Milk or Milk Derivatives, No Lactose, No Soy, No Egg, No Corn, No Grapefruit, No Fish, No Sweetener, No Sugar, No Starch, No Preservatives, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Sodium.

For adults, take four (4) tablets daily, on an empty stomach at bedtime, or one hour before exercise.

L-Arginine L-Ornithine L-Lysine 60 Tablets
L-Arginine L-Ornithine L-Lysine 60 Tablets
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