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Germanium info

Germanium info

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Organic Germanium

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Organic Germanium (Ge-132TM), not to be confused with its homologous, non-organic material in the semiconductor industry, is a trace element that is in the earth's crust in a relatively low concentration of 7 to 1 million population.

Organic Germanium has been specifically studied in Japan after Kuzihiko Dr. Asai has discovered that certain medicinal plants such as ginseng, shiitake, garlic and Chlorella naturally high concentrations of organic germanium, which in many ways its therapeutic effect would be obtained.

By Dr. Asai in his Institute, whose founder he is, studies led to the use of the Ge-132TM to develop, the efficacy of daily doses of 100 to 300 mg in connection with various pathologies demonstrated: arthritis, food allergies, hypercholesterolemia , Candida albicans, chronic viral infections and cancer.

Organic germanium is often used in Japan as for pain control.

The germanium through several mechanisms seem to act: it binds to oxygen in order to improve cell respiration. It has its own antiviral activity and antifungische. It is capable of the macrophages and the natural tumor cells to activate (the famous Natural Killer Cells). It also, and perhaps especially, the natural production of interferon, and hence the proliferation of the cells produce antibodies to increase. The prevailing theory among researchers suggests that the organic germanium mainly in stimulating the natural defenses of the organism works.

There is also a safe product that completely by the organism in less than 48 hours after its absorption excreted. Interested parties researching for 40 years Since the successful production of synthetic organic germanium is closely involved in this substance in the biochemistry, neuro-chemistry, pathology, pharmacology, oncology and immunology research. Numerous research findings have confirmed an astonishing effect of germanium. Besides the CarboxyethylGermanium-Sesquioxyd Ge-132, there are two other organic germanium compounds, the Sanumgerman (chemical name: Germaniumzitratlaktat) and SpiriGermanium. And now we come to the question:

What is the effect of organic germanium?

Our immune system protects us from pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Our physical immunity due to the delicate interplay of various specialized cells and organs, the endocrine system of hormonally driven, and may be affected mentally. Org germanium apparently stimulates the immune system and its various components brings into balance.

Scientists Suzuki, Brtkiewicz and Pollard came in their research on the assumption that the Ge132 stimulated by Immunstystem against some types of cancer could be. Germanium seems an indirect anti-tumor effect, by T-cells to stimulate circulating Lymphokine (probably gamma interferon) to produce. The Lymphokine turn activate dormant macrophages that eventually the growth of tumors suppress. All these research results indicate that org. Germanium our immune system from the ground up strengthens into balance and brings it in a natural way to health.
organic germanium as is - how does organic germanium - where do I get organic germanium?

Organic Germanium is with cancer, AIDS, weakened immune system, lack of oxygen in the blood and the cell - associated. And yet, hardly anyone in Germany knows germanium, some may still know that there is an element, or germanium in semiconductor microelectronics used. But almost nobody knows it, that organic germanium for over 30 years for the treatment of various diseases - with research results that can sit up. Cancer and AIDS clinics in the United States, patients with organic germanium cure a reality. In Japan there has been an intensive research on the topic of organic germanium, but also in Germany, research on the element, which provides its name from the German explorer Clemens Winkler owes.

Knowledge of the beneficial effects of organic germanium was not through. Is it because the big pharmaceutical companies are not interested in a reasonable means have substantially strengthens the immune system? "What is organic germanium, organic germanium, such as acts, where do I get organic germanium? Germanium from the house of Sanum / SanumGermanium comes from Germany and is available only for export. GE 132 (Ge 32) an organic germanium in the U.S. is much more concentrated but also only available in the USA. Where can I get organic germanium, what conditions must I fulfill in order to obtain organic germanium? All these questions are in the book: Organic Germanium - the clear bridge to ICH treated

Germanium and Cancer:

Germanium can sometimes melt Cancer,Germanium is pain-free, Germanium can prevent metastasis (Dr. Haruo Sato - University Tohuku) if not prevent Statistics available for lung cancer (21 cases) - 500mg. Dr. Asai even got cancer of the larynx surgically removed conventionally (only the tumor), but he fought against irradiation and fully familiar to "be" defeated and germanium, as his clients, the successful cancer. 

  • Leukemia - 500mg 
  • AIDS - HIV: germanium (organic) can help (2 articles, including one double-blind study) 
  • Cancer: Germanium (Ge-132) can stop the growth of tumors (2 studies) 
  • chronic fatigue syndrome: Germanium can help (2 studies) 
  • Immune depression, immune weakness: Germanium can be helped (2 studies) 
  • Osteoporosis: Germanium can help (1 experimental study) 
  • Pain: Germanium can promote Morphinanalgesie help (1 study with animal experiments) 

Germanium was discovered by the Japanese mining engineer Kazuhiko Asai both in the coal as well as in native medicinal plants. This led outsiders germanium into the Orthomolecular Medicine, and with a self-experiment.

Dr. Asai was in the sixties to severe polyarthritis ill, so to arthritis. Medicines and acupuncture also had his life can not improve. Pure intuition, the patients treated with the self he developed organic germanium 132, a so-called Carboxyethylsesquoxid. 10 days his condition remained unchanged bad, then he improved rapidly, the pain passed, and the joints were moving.
Germanium and immune system

Germanium has a stimulating effect on the immune system, including increasing the production of gamma interferon. It increases the utilization of oxygen by the cells, so that the state organs and diseased tissues improves. It helps the body in the process of fundamental physiological functions to normalize, eg it reduces pathologically elevated blood pressure to healthy levels - but not below.

It makes the blood thick fluid and improves the circulation of "smoke".
It affects the body's own endorphins as a matter of pain, pain-relieving effect by itself and also improves the effectiveness of other pain-relieving drugs.
It binds metals such as cadmium and mercury in itself so firmly that they hinausnimmt from the body and distinguishes it from the pollutants released.
This diversity makes the effects of (organic!) Germanium into an important tool in therapy, especially in the organic compounds of the ortho-molecular medicine is entirely harmless.
Although 400 to 600 milligrams per day sufficient to take in Japan, many patients a day five grams and more without having to experience unwanted side effects.

1967 Dr. Asai succeeded organic from inorganic germanium to synthesize. Following this discovery was the perfect harmlessness of internally administered organic germanium in animal and soon found a clinic set up in with great success with organic Germanium is treated today. There, all patients treated by the medical school from operating table like "are oncologists looking stunned after Krebsgeschwülsten which no longer exist; Herz-/Hirninfarkte Amazingly run without damage from, such as rheumatism are blown away; births are straightforward from and the dying is easier. Finally borreliosis symptoms successfully curbed. Quote from Akai's book "Organic Germanium: A hope for many patients' treatment case: A 50-year-old woman began 15 years ago with" acute sensory disability "and was due to" severe motor disorders "are no longer proceed. The vision had gradually and in the left eye was practically blind. " You got two times daily 2 grams of organic germanium and germanium-eye drops. After two months she began, to walk on crutches, three months later she needed only one floor. The case was a "sub-acute (myelo-optico) neuropathy" has been diagnosed, but there is not the slightest doubt that it is a course of borreliosis acting.

Organic Germanium is a ring of 6 germanium atoms, with 12 oxygen atoms are closely surrounded. The germanium is like a glue, of the 12 oxygen atoms in a confined space together, but do not react with the Organimus. This, of germanium bound oxygen, is not in the body released, but serves mainly as radical scavengers for H-ions, formed from the combustion process organismic result: food is burned by the body, while carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) arise. The carbon dioxide finds its way from the body by the lungs is abgeatmet. In contrast, the hydrogen combines with oxygen inspired (!) To water and is on the left kidney and skin. Many diseases - including the Lyme disease based on a chronic hypoxia and it acts as a tragedy, when a large part of the inspired oxygen did not change the pulp can serve it before because of greedy hydrogen ions and converted to water, or even eliminated oedematous is stored.

The number of oxygen atoms bonded germanium in this situation are beneficial because they bind free hydrogen, like rail free to the fact that the inhaled oxygen to freely enter the cells and its invigorating effect. In this way, the organic germanium intensified tissue respiration, in their respective disease state otherwise would be difficult to reach - and soon gets sick of a well-supplied with warm skin and limbs. The fact that no unnecessary water from H-ions and oxygen occurs, the organism in a healthy way dehydrated or kept dry. No more wet wounds, repair processes are unimpeded instead. The hydrogen ion binding also has the effect that human germs without the morbidly about shooting, aqueous milieu find no basis for life.

The germanium-bound oxygen captures not only hydrogen ions, but also other free radicals and cell poisons. Particularly noteworthy: cadmium and mercury are of organic germanium ausgeleitet.

A relatively new medical product is organic germanium. In Japan since the seventies, synthetically produced and widely disseminated, it is not available. It was some time in German food stores disguised as nutritional supplements available, but then abruptly disappeared from the scene. So another antiseptic, which shall not be disclosed because the pharmaceutical industry does not want that an effective antiseptic antibiotics reduced sales? A pity that, under the pretext of protecting the population to be lobbying interests in Germany has fallen victim to.

Akai, it was noticed that black coal, mainly from tree trunks to a much higher germanium content than coal, mainly from the foliage and seeds there. Especially in areas such as condensed vegetable strains deposited so the germanium in organic form and has probably the function, Bakterien-/Pilzbefall and thus the death of the tree to prevent.

Verottet the tree, comes the germanium in the back ground and new plants will be stored and used. If the tree is harvested, however, as in the case of ginseng, impoverished soil of germanium, and a long time in the same place no tree can grow ginseng - the germanium circuit is interrupted. (At the curative effect of ginseng germanium is probably also involved.) Rice plants grow faster and thicker, when they once supplied with organic Germanium and cold spells are better than without the addition of germanium.

In a different bacterial strains were inoculated petri dish, if organic germanium is added, only one highly developed mold after a while created by the germanium in its metabolism and thus integrated the bacteria away.

These references show overall that the germanium is used by plants to their microcirculation and to be higher compared with lower forms of life to prove themselves. The principle, metallic semiconductors to integrate the antiseptic effect of the stock guarantee organism, is the synthetically produced, organic germanium be exalted. Unlike the plant stores the human organism is not the organic germanium, but it retires after twenty hours together with the radicals and captured without any harmful side effects on the kidney from.

A cancer tumor is exaggerated their surface positively charged. If high-dose germanium angeschwommen, removed it with its high negative charge positively charged ions from the walls of cancer tumor and destabilizes the bioelectrical until it decays and the problem of removal of large quantities of cells remains pending. The striking-metastatic oppressive effect of germanium is probably well on its bioelectrical properties: The blood is anticipated hochviskös and migrating cancer cells can never fix. Advised them in the finest capillaries and lymph, they are anyway in the germanium-soaked milieu done. In particular organs, which are naturally strong flow will benefit from a germanium therapy.

There are distinct achievements in lung and liver cancer. Germanium generally reduces pain and the side effects of conventional cancer therapies. The operation output will be significantly improved and a speedy recovery triggered. Because organic Germanium on oxygenation stimulates basal metabolic processes, long-term is not toxic, spectacular success in treating many different diseases including cancer are available, it is up to the atomic level and beforscht, it is probably also as a permanent treatment for Lyme disease well suited.

The effect of oxygen enrichment of germanium

Organic germanium promotes the oxygenation of the body and is also an effective antioxidant. These are properties that have numerous positive effects of this trace element for many metabolic processes in the cross-body condition. Although the effect of organic germanium on the oxygen supply is not yet precisely researched, rich clinical research findings as the basis for incoming cell research.

Organic Germanium promotes oxygen supply

In a culture organic germanium reduces the oxygen needs of the institutions; hypoxia in animals with life-prolonging effect it.

Experiments in the biochemical laboratory of Tohoku University to study the effect of organic germanium on oxygen consumption in the liver and the diaphragm of mice were carried out, showed a reduction in oxygen consumption.

Dr. Asais theory says that organic germanium, the same role in the body plays such as oxygen and the oxygen supply to the body increases. There is a correlation between the oxygen supply, blood viscosity and blood flow. The more oxygen available, the more will the blood viscosity and perfusion of all organs will be improved.

Organic Germanium protects against Kohlenstoffmonoxyd-asphyxia, stroke, and Raynaud's disease. When the intake of organic germanium in therapeutic doses is often a feeling of warmth and a tingling experiences. Dr. Asai, this led to the oxygen uptake back. In patients with circulatory diseases, such as of Raynaud's disease, the joint amputations Gewebenekrose and can lead, it was after the intake of organic germanium noted a marked improvement.

Organic Germanium is involved in eye diseases and injuries, especially burns. Organic Germanium has been successfully used to treat various eye diseases, such as Glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, retinal inflammation and burns used. It is not known what these therapeutic properties of the organic germanium based. There does not seem to justify the assumption that, by the organic germanium led to improved oxygen supply in these diseases to cure has contributed.

Organic Germanium can be used in conjunction with a hyperen oxygen treatment in multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases cause a significant improvement. The Nature Doctor Jan de Vries describes in his book? By Appointment only? s treatment with increased oxygen supply in multiple sclerosis. De Vries arrived in 1975 with Dr. Asai together, he uses organic germanium in its practice. Currently, he gathers material for a book with stories about the case of germanium treatment for cancer and leukemia. He writes: • A hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be? in combination with germanium - an incredible improvement in the condition of the patient do?

Frequently improves in one patient, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and hyper-visible oxygen treatment, the eyesight, because good vision depends on a sufficient Sauerstoftversorgung from the body. "

The structure of the organic germanium, a number of negative oxygen ions associated crystalline grid is designed to replace oxygen and to attract and eliminating acidifying hydrogen ions? and thus the detoxification of the blood? possible.

During the oxidative metabolism by the electron transport through the electron transport Elektronenkzeptoren and form, finally, the combination of hydrogen and oxygen water. For oxygen, the electron loss to an accumulation of positive hydrogen ions, which then causes acidification of the blood. Ge-132 has negatively charged oxygen ions, these hydrogen ions and thus eliminate the blood detoxicate.

Since the organic germanium electron transport, it may be during the oxidative metabolism as an electron drain, and the energy production of the body without additional oxygen uptake support. The electron transport system can be equipped with a fighting chain are compared. With a lack of Elektronenakzeptoren the whole process comes to a halt, just as with a chain-fighting, in which the water bucket can not be passed because a person is missing. Organic Germanium has an excellent electron carrier proved, it therefore makes a major contribution to the effectiveness of the overall oxidative process, which ultimately energy for the body is produced.

Personal observation (G. Schaffar):

Germanium affects the visual performance extremely positive, which is also confirmed by many Klienten.soll a central role in immune defense play because it stimulates the synthesis of interferon is used for treatment of tumor diseases. If in some healing waters before (e.g. Lourdes). Average demand: 1-3mg;

Germanium Sandra Goodman Ph.D.Thorsons, 1988

Germanium Antimutagen acts, including against radioactive radiation, detoxifies the body from heavy metals. Even against the adverse effects of cobalt irradiation 300mg/Tag after introductory 100mg, very good. It acts in pain-relieving Carcinompatienten, rheumatism and angina.

Germanium Antimutagen acts, including against radioactive radiation, detoxifies the body from heavy metals. Even against the adverse effects of cobalt irradiation 300mg/Tag after introductory 100mg, very good. It acts in pain-relieving Carcinompatienten, rheumatism and angina.

Doses of Sanumgerman and Ge-132: 20mg - 1500mg; for serious diseases is usually 500mg to 1000mg/Tag where, according to other sources such as Carzinompatienten 1000 to 5000mg.

In Europe, where most 200-1200mg/Tag; than from the lowest limit effects to achieve is to 20mg. No toxicity to 3.4g/kg (mice) and 10g/kg (rats).

Dr. Asai, the overwhelming effect of organic germanium to its property, which use oxygen in the cells much more efficiently. The author also fails but not the importance of correct attitude of the acid-base balance (deacidification) and the emotional adjustment of patients.

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