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Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone

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Growth Hormone HGH

Growth hormones are small chemical messengers that continuously by the endocrine glands into the bloodstream to be distributed to the activity of vital organs regulate. The concept of hormone derived from the Greek and means "stimulate". Growth hormone stimulate a variety of life-giving processes throughout the body and provide for health, harmony, growth, healing and regeneration.

The best known is the growth hormone insulin that is produced in the pancreas is. If production decreases or tapers, to diabetes. Scientists discovered several years ago a way to produce insulin and regular injections of the diabetes and their symptoms under control.

The growth hormone which is distributed by the pituitary gland is a small, protein-like hormone (peptide), similar to insulin. It is called human growth hormone or "HGH (human growth hormones) and is very difficult to directly measure.

Growth hormone is very short pulses during the first few hours of sleep and remain distributed only a few minutes in the cycle. It arrived quickly in the liver and is converted Somatomedin-C, another small peptide hormone (also known as insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF-1). Somatomedin-C is responsible for most activities of growth hormone in the body. The Somatomedin levels is much more stable and can be measured in the laboratory.
Growth hormone and somatotropin

During puberty, when the fastest growing, is the production of growth hormone is very high. Therefore, there will be "growth hormone" called. But even if the growth is finished, the hormone would have to (albeit slightly less) on the physical and mental health and wellbeing throughout life continue to be produced. The restoration of tissue, healing, cell replacement and health of organs, bone strength,

Proteo somatotropin is a hormone known as growth hormone in human and animal organism occurs. It is synthetically produced in its form under the trade name Jintropin ®, Saiz ®, Genotropin ® and since 2006 as a biosimilar with the trade name Omnitrope ®.

The somatotropin is in the α-cells of the Hypophysenvorderlappens formed.

Its distribution is controlled by the hypothalamus with its somatotropin-releasing factor (SRF, including GHRH Growth hormone-releasing hormone growth hormone, GRF, Somatoliberin) and somatostatin regulated. During sleep is most somatotropin produced. Puberty is the age with a strong somatotropin production. Any other energy consuming process (physical activity, psychological stress, starvation) is a Sekretionsstimulus for the release of somatotropin dar.

Negatively regulated by somatostatin somatotropin, a growth hormone-inhibiting (Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone, GHIH) in the hypothalamus is formed.

Somatotropin is quantitatively the most important hormone of the pituitary gland. It's about ten percent of the weight of the dried gland.

Growth hormone helps to improve stability of blood pressure.
Growth hormone helps in the alleviation of menopause symptoms.
Growth hormone helps to improve blood pressure in diabetics.
Growth hormone helps in the promotion of growth, regeneration and preservation of all tissues.
Growth hormone helps particularly in supporting the function of the hypothalamus and pituitary.
Growth hormone helps to increase energy and endurance.
Growth hormone helps in the reduction of body fat and build muscle mass.
Growth hormone helps with fewer wrinkles and firmer skin with more collagen and elastin.
Growth hormone helps to normalize sleep patterns.
Growth hormone helps to counter stress, fatigue and depression.
Growth hormone helps to speed healing and relieve chronic pain.
Growth hormone helps the immune system to strengthen
Growth hormone helps to build muscle mass.
Growth hormone helps to increase the mental alertness.
Growth hormone helps to improve skin elasticity.
Growth hormone helps to increase the physical capacity.
Growth hormone helps with weight loss.
Growth hormone helps to improve the growth of hair and nails.
Growth hormone helps to delay the Sehkraftverlustes.
Growth hormone helps to increase and intensify the sexual function.
Growth hormone helps memory, mood and mental vigor to improve.

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