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Omega 3-6-9 Flax, Fish, Borage 1200 mg 120 Softgels Health Benefits of Flax, Fish, Borage Oil• from Borage, Flax Seed and Fish Oil• Studies suggest that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may be linked to omega-3 deficiency.• Researchers think omega-3 can help prevent breast, prostate and colon cancers.• Has been shown to decrease elevated serum triglycerides.• Important for infants (and a developing fetus) for proper development of the brain and retina of the eyes.• Deficiencies have also be...

MSRP: 49.50
Retail Price: 29.40

Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano • Help Cure Mild Stomach Problems• Strengthens the Immune System• Increases Joint and Muscle Flexibility• Improves Respiratory Health• Equivalent to 1500 mg Fresh Oregano.• Traditional Goodness from Mother Nature.Oil of Oregano has been held in high regard for its holistic qualities. It contains a number of valuable constituents and includes naturally occurring antioxidant phytochemicals. Our high-quality softgels make it easy to obtain "traditional goodness from Mother N...

MSRP: 89.90
Retail Price: 35.90

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