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Steroids (Greek adjective στερ [ιν] οειδή from στερεó, stereo: "The parties, Rigid Solid" (based on molecular properties) and the suffix-oeides "similar") are a chemical class of lipids (molecules with lipophilic groups in the usually insoluble in water). Steroids are derivatives of the hydrocarbon Steran (Cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthren).

Natural steroids are used in animals, plants and fungi before. Their biochemical functions of vitamins and sex hormones (androgens in men and estrogen in women) on bile acid and toad poisons to the active cardiac poisons of digitalis and oleander.

In animals and in the human organism is the most important steroid cholesterol is, plants contain it are not. For cholesterol and lipoprotein are steroid hormones which, like the hormones of the adrenal cortex (corticosteroids). Artificial derivatives of the male

Sex hormone testosterone, the ANABOLIC steroids are classified as muscle preparations used. These are also available as a means of doping in sports interested public.
Steroids Structure

All steroids are based on cholesterol (with the exception of the retinoic acid), consisting of the triterpenes squalene is set up the basic framework is Steran. One commonality is the structural

Cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthren-ring (except vitamin D). Steroids have a rigid molecular shape (hence the name), usually a relatively high melting point and can be easily crystallize. Due to the asymmetric C-atoms in the

Ring linkages are numerous structural isomers, which are folded differently.
Steroids reduce

In humans, the steroids in the liver by hydroxylation and conjugation with Glycine or taurine, and a water-soluble bile acids via the bile into the duodenum (anterior part of the small intestine) Resigned.

Steroid hormone:

Steroid hormones are steroids which act as hormones. They include the sex hormones of the adrenal and gonad Corticosteroids bark. The steroid hormones of mammals can be divided into five groups, according to the steroid receptors to which they bind: glucocorticoid, Mineralocorticoide, Androgens, Estrogen and Progesterone.

What are steroids?:

ANABOLIC steroids (ANABOLIC steroids) are artificially produced hormones that are Chemically with the male sex hormone testosterone verwan
Effect of steroids ANABOLIC

We distinguish between the desired (ANABOLIC) and undesirable (androgenic) effect of ANABOLIC steroids, steroids ANABOLIC

ANABOLIC steroids Effects:

The ANABOLIC steroids (ANABOLIC steroids) affect the metabolism, particularly protein metabolism in the. ANABOLIC This effect of the targeted users of ANABOLIC steroids, as they build the protein in the muscles and encourages the body fat percentage decreases. ANABOLIC steroids (ANABOLIC steroids) are only active while intensive training.

ANABOLIC steroids:

ANABOLIC steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone. They were in the 2nd World War II and served originally developed to weakened and malnourished prisoners of war better recovery possible.

They were also due to its protein-building effect of consuming disease and muscular atrophy, and as a remedy for anemia used. Very soon, they also found application in sports where they are Accused of doping to enhance performance in healthy athletes have been administered.

In medicine ANABOLIC steroids are still in a failure of the test (lack of education endogenous testosterone), in growth disorders or physical weakness (eg elderly) are used. Generally they are in the group of ANABOLIC steroids.
Effect of steroids

All the usual preparations based on the male sex hormone testosterone. There are two effects are distinguished:

Due to the effects of ANABOLIC steroids on protein metabolism, which is desired by the users, the structure of protein in the muscles increased, while the body fat percentage decreased. An effect occurs only while intensive musculation On. In addition, ANABOLIC steroids, the regenerative ability of consumers to increase. It can thus more frequently and with fewer pauses practice.

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